Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No Seeking, No Striving

It's such a blessed relief not to be seeking any new idea, a philosophy, a religion, or an answer to the meaning of life.  I spent a large portion of my life doing just that, and it was exhausting, like chasing myself around and around in a circle. I used to believe that somewhere someone out there knew what life was all about.  And I needed to know what that was, or so I thought.  But that was a good thing, because once I exhausted myself from trying and desiring to know these things, I finally came to a resting point.

It's not about finding something or looking for something, it's all about what's looking. Once you rest and relax as the looking itself rather than trying and sorting things out, you'll become crystal clear about who this "you" really is. 

Many humans don't want to give up the ego, though.  We are so accustomed to the story and drama that the ego loves.  Even egos that suffer seem to enjoy their story of suffering.  When one has had enough, however, he's ready to toss it out, to be rid of that garbage that holds us back from truly being alive and free.

 So be at rest as you are and things will become clear.  There's no need to seek here and there, stirring up the waters. 

Come back to yourself, again and again.  When you stop seeking and desiring for anything at all and simply rest as the simple looking that's present at all times, simply relax and be the simple awareness that you are.  You will start to feel more and more freedom all the time.

These moments don't have to last hours at a time,. It's all about moments, returning again and again. In time, these moments will start to happen naturally and eventually they will chain together into longer periods of clarity and peaceful looking.

Simply return again and again to being completely at rest as you are.

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Doreen said...

The reality of "what is"
Is better than the illusion of what isn't

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