Friday, January 15, 2010

Losing Your Faith?

Someone I know was recently offered a book to read and he moved away quickly,  adding, "Oh, no!  I can't read THAT!  I might lose my faith!". The book wasn't  X-rated porno material.  It was merely a book on the subject of the historical Jesus.  I was shocked that he was so afraid. 

Since then, I've wondered what would cause someone to be so afraid of losing his faith?  Osho, a remarkable spiritual teacher of our times, has addressed this in one of his books.  He says, " If a faith can be destroyed, it is not worth much.  If a faith can be destroyed, it must be a faith in lies.  A faith that is really a faith in truth is never afraid of being destroyed:  it cannot be destroyed because truth cannot be destroyed."

So, what is this fear?  Osho goes on to say, " Are you climging to lies?  Only lies are afraid of being broken, only lies need protection.  Truth in itself is self-evident.  So if you have some faith which is just a lie, it makes you secure.  Hindus are afraid, Christians are afraid, Mohammedans are afraid, Jainas are afraid, everybody is afraid - don't destroy our faith! In their faith they are just hiding their lies,  their magic worlds,  their dreams, their expectations.  They are very touchy. If you just poke into their ribs their faith is skin-deep, not even that. They immediately become irritated because their faith is not anything deep in their heart, it is just a belief in the mind. "

There is no need to cling to anything outside of yourself.  Only go inwards.  Let go of beliefs for a while.  You can pick them  up again later, if you desire.  Beliefs don't go anywhere and disappear - only if you want them to. Don't be bothered by the "should's and should not's" of beliefs.  When you truly let go of them and turn inwards, let only one thing be your goal:  to know who is this consciousness, what is this consciousness, who I am.  Become more aware, more conscious, more courageous. There's no need to hide behind beliefs and theologies.  Osho says, "Take your life into your own hands, burn bright your inner light and see whatsoever is. And once you have become courageous enough to accept it, it is a benediction.  No belief is needed." 


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Well put to give new perspective. Thanks!

Doreen said...

Thanks Osho!

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