Friday, January 22, 2010

Celebrate Life - No Suffering!

Many of us are heart-broken from viewing the widespread pain in Haiti right now.  We wonder how we would react if it were us lying on the ground waiting for help to arrive while our body limbs are crushed and useless.  Most of us have never endured pain of that magnitude, but some of you may have.

I've noticed whenever something physically painful has occured in my body, that if I just notice it, flow with it, and be the observer, that it's not nearly as bad as previous times when I added my own beliefs and judgments to the situation.  Whenever we make it our own personal story, label it, embellish it, and say, "this shouldn't be happening to me" or "why has this happened?" or even "I can't stand this pain!", then we add suffering on top of what is an already painful event. When we do that, we personalize it and claim it as though it is who we are.

Many people I've given healing sessions to have reported afterwards that they have noticed they are no longer fearful of the things they experienced in the past.  Fear of any kind will add suffering to your life.  Removal of fear allows you to be free to really live like you're entitled to as a live person here on earth!  You are Consciousness experiencing Life!  Enjoy and celebrate it! 


Doreen said...

Yes! Thanks, Diane!
I have regular pain, that I "don't mind"!!
Love You!
(no past or future, helps too!, connected to fear)

Anonymous said...

Hello Diane
Your post made me think of my mother who passed away a few months ago at 95. She loved life and had all kind of aches and pain in her body, but whenever you asked her about it, she never delved onto it, always thinking of what she was still able to do to enjoy her life.
Your blog is enlightening and inspiring!

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