Thursday, January 14, 2010

Meeting the Pleaidians

Earth was once considered to be a living library, kind of a way-station of light and information for travelers throughout the universe. The people who were supposedly running the planet then were the Pleaidians. The travelers throughout the universe would stop here on earth to relax and rejuvenate and access information. At one point, a struggle arose and a schism formed between two Pleaidian factions. Each group wanted control over the other and also desired control over the whole planet. The members of each faction could foresee only a continuous battle. No one would win. They finally accepted a truce because neither side wanted an ongoing war.

Finally, the scientists of one group found a way to disconnect ten of the original twelve strands of DNA from the members of the other group. We are said to be descendents of the modified Pleaidians with only two strands of DNA.

For many enlightened people on earth now their DNA is apparently being restructed to include three strands of DNA. Many are called "Lightworkers".

Are you being called to do this work here on our planet? Are you someone who is here to help others evolve and become fully conscious of who they really are? If you feel that you are now ready to receive this information, be prepared, for you will receive it from many directions. Books will be shoved into your hands. Dreams will take you around the universe. Many will be coming to invite you to places or to share with you what they
have found. You are being given a picture of your reality so you can facilitate your experience here, so that you can enjoy yourself within these times, because these times are going to be full of change.


Doreen said...

Oh Yeah!!
This is a sync for me for today I wrote somewhere that in my birth chart I was a Plutonian, but now I am a Pleaidian! It just came out!
:-) (and I just saw this post of Yours today) Gotta love the syncs!

Doreen said...

The "interesting" thing is that this stuff just "comes" to me. I have never considered myself a seeker.

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