Friday, January 22, 2010

Celebrate Life - No Suffering!

Many of us are heart-broken from viewing the widespread pain in Haiti right now.  We wonder how we would react if it were us lying on the ground waiting for help to arrive while our body limbs are crushed and useless.  Most of us have never endured pain of that magnitude, but some of you may have.

I've noticed whenever something physically painful has occured in my body, that if I just notice it, flow with it, and be the observer, that it's not nearly as bad as previous times when I added my own beliefs and judgments to the situation.  Whenever we make it our own personal story, label it, embellish it, and say, "this shouldn't be happening to me" or "why has this happened?" or even "I can't stand this pain!", then we add suffering on top of what is an already painful event. When we do that, we personalize it and claim it as though it is who we are.

Many people I've given healing sessions to have reported afterwards that they have noticed they are no longer fearful of the things they experienced in the past.  Fear of any kind will add suffering to your life.  Removal of fear allows you to be free to really live like you're entitled to as a live person here on earth!  You are Consciousness experiencing Life!  Enjoy and celebrate it! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How Healings Happen

Some of you may already know that I am a healer, a Reconnective Healing Practitioner, to be exact. When I am with someone during a healing session, I've learned to not expect anything, not to desire a particular outcome, and to leave any ego I might have out of the picture.  This is when the miracles happen, when there is no praying, no asking, no begging the Divine Source for a certain thing that I might wish to happen.

As I slowly let my hands flow across the person, my hands float and go almost instinctively where the energy is leading me to go.  I have no private desires that a certain healing should occur.  It is better that I don't know what the person is wanting or thinks he or she is needing.  With ease, I let my energies flow with the universe and the universe flows through me.  When I am at one with this flow, I trust and am grateful that God will deliver what is appropriate for the person at that particular time. 

Life really is like that.  Very simple.  We humans have a tendency to complicate things.  We act as if we know what is best for us, what is needed for the world, what we want to see happen with our loved ones or our friends.  When we surrender to the flow, we can become like a piece of driftwood flowing with the stream, and nothing can ever be wrong.  Have you listened to many people's prayers ?  Asking, pleading, and imploring God to do this or that for them or their loved ones, and even telling God who to heal, and who needs comforting.  When one fully trusts in the outcome, no matter what it is, no matter how painful it might be, and just surrenders to the "is-ness" of what is.........that's when we experience heaven on earth......even during painful, trying times.

Healings occur with there is no resistance to Life. Flow like the driftwood and be one with The One.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No Seeking, No Striving

It's such a blessed relief not to be seeking any new idea, a philosophy, a religion, or an answer to the meaning of life.  I spent a large portion of my life doing just that, and it was exhausting, like chasing myself around and around in a circle. I used to believe that somewhere someone out there knew what life was all about.  And I needed to know what that was, or so I thought.  But that was a good thing, because once I exhausted myself from trying and desiring to know these things, I finally came to a resting point.

It's not about finding something or looking for something, it's all about what's looking. Once you rest and relax as the looking itself rather than trying and sorting things out, you'll become crystal clear about who this "you" really is. 

Many humans don't want to give up the ego, though.  We are so accustomed to the story and drama that the ego loves.  Even egos that suffer seem to enjoy their story of suffering.  When one has had enough, however, he's ready to toss it out, to be rid of that garbage that holds us back from truly being alive and free.

 So be at rest as you are and things will become clear.  There's no need to seek here and there, stirring up the waters. 

Come back to yourself, again and again.  When you stop seeking and desiring for anything at all and simply rest as the simple looking that's present at all times, simply relax and be the simple awareness that you are.  You will start to feel more and more freedom all the time.

These moments don't have to last hours at a time,. It's all about moments, returning again and again. In time, these moments will start to happen naturally and eventually they will chain together into longer periods of clarity and peaceful looking.

Simply return again and again to being completely at rest as you are.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Should I fear?

Poem On Reincarnation

Written by Jalai Al-Din

I died from the mineral and became a plant;

I died from the plant, and reappeared in an animal;

I died from the animal and became a man;

Wherefore then should I fear?

When did I grow less by dying?

Next time I shall die from the man,

That I may grow the wings of angels.

From the angel, too, must I seek advance;

All things shall perish save His face

Once more shall I wing my way above the angels;

I shall become that which entereth not the imaginations.

Then let me become naught, naught, for the harp string crieth unto me,

Verily unto Him do we return...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Losing Your Faith?

Someone I know was recently offered a book to read and he moved away quickly,  adding, "Oh, no!  I can't read THAT!  I might lose my faith!". The book wasn't  X-rated porno material.  It was merely a book on the subject of the historical Jesus.  I was shocked that he was so afraid. 

Since then, I've wondered what would cause someone to be so afraid of losing his faith?  Osho, a remarkable spiritual teacher of our times, has addressed this in one of his books.  He says, " If a faith can be destroyed, it is not worth much.  If a faith can be destroyed, it must be a faith in lies.  A faith that is really a faith in truth is never afraid of being destroyed:  it cannot be destroyed because truth cannot be destroyed."

So, what is this fear?  Osho goes on to say, " Are you climging to lies?  Only lies are afraid of being broken, only lies need protection.  Truth in itself is self-evident.  So if you have some faith which is just a lie, it makes you secure.  Hindus are afraid, Christians are afraid, Mohammedans are afraid, Jainas are afraid, everybody is afraid - don't destroy our faith! In their faith they are just hiding their lies,  their magic worlds,  their dreams, their expectations.  They are very touchy. If you just poke into their ribs their faith is skin-deep, not even that. They immediately become irritated because their faith is not anything deep in their heart, it is just a belief in the mind. "

There is no need to cling to anything outside of yourself.  Only go inwards.  Let go of beliefs for a while.  You can pick them  up again later, if you desire.  Beliefs don't go anywhere and disappear - only if you want them to. Don't be bothered by the "should's and should not's" of beliefs.  When you truly let go of them and turn inwards, let only one thing be your goal:  to know who is this consciousness, what is this consciousness, who I am.  Become more aware, more conscious, more courageous. There's no need to hide behind beliefs and theologies.  Osho says, "Take your life into your own hands, burn bright your inner light and see whatsoever is. And once you have become courageous enough to accept it, it is a benediction.  No belief is needed." 

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Meeting the Pleaidians

Earth was once considered to be a living library, kind of a way-station of light and information for travelers throughout the universe. The people who were supposedly running the planet then were the Pleaidians. The travelers throughout the universe would stop here on earth to relax and rejuvenate and access information. At one point, a struggle arose and a schism formed between two Pleaidian factions. Each group wanted control over the other and also desired control over the whole planet. The members of each faction could foresee only a continuous battle. No one would win. They finally accepted a truce because neither side wanted an ongoing war.

Finally, the scientists of one group found a way to disconnect ten of the original twelve strands of DNA from the members of the other group. We are said to be descendents of the modified Pleaidians with only two strands of DNA.

For many enlightened people on earth now their DNA is apparently being restructed to include three strands of DNA. Many are called "Lightworkers".

Are you being called to do this work here on our planet? Are you someone who is here to help others evolve and become fully conscious of who they really are? If you feel that you are now ready to receive this information, be prepared, for you will receive it from many directions. Books will be shoved into your hands. Dreams will take you around the universe. Many will be coming to invite you to places or to share with you what they
have found. You are being given a picture of your reality so you can facilitate your experience here, so that you can enjoy yourself within these times, because these times are going to be full of change.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Seneca - What a Wise Man!

A number of our blessings do us harm, for memory brings back the agony of fear, while foresight brings it on prematurely. No one confines his unhappiness to the present.
~Seneca, Roman philosopher and politician, Letters to Lucilius

There is no unhappiness in the present moment. If you find yourself unhappy, check your thoughts, watch them float by as you are the observer......they are but memories of something that has already occurred or an anticipation of a fear or anxiety of the future.

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