Sunday, August 31, 2008

Do No Harm

There is a non-profit grass-roots movement going on across the continent. It's called: Do No Harm. Two internet friends started it with a common goal: to promote kindness. I admire the other many people who have committed themselves to spreading the word of this wonderful movement. The message is so simple that most people don't even understand what it means. Many of them, when given free bracelets or bumper stickers promoting the movement, are perplexed about the meaning and try to turn it into something complicated.

What does "Do No Harm" mean to you? It's a phrase that conjures up many different ideas depending upon your individual conditioning of your life. For many people, it simply means don't cause harm to anyone. For me, I include that meaning, but I take it a bit further. Perhaps it is because I had the fortunate experience of having a mother who was aware of the preciousness of all life, not just human life, and she shared that with me in many ways. She saw all life as sacred because she nearly died of TB when she was quite young, in her early twenties. She watched some of her close friends die of the disease, yet miraculously she was spared.

I was shown by my mother how to love and care for a simple, tiny flower, a baby fir tree just starting to grow, and a helpless injured bird. We took care of kittens, dogs, birds, turtles, and any creature that came our way. She showed me that the discovery of a beautiful stone was more precious than money, a feather left by a bird was a treasured gift, that even the smallest of insects feel pain and have the right to live, and our beautiful earth itself was a sacred spinning jewel.

Many people and children today aren't as fortunate to have had someone in their lives show them the sacredness of all live. The "Do No Harm" movement is needed to remind us to be aware of our responsibility to be kind, to promote kindness, and to teach young children kindness toward all living beings and our precious earth.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Resonating/Vibrating Human Beings

Do you ever wonder why you can feel emotionally close toward a certain person and not another? Even in a large extended family you may only feel a closeness to certain people and not to others in the same family. Think back when you were a child or a young adult and you loved someone deeply and then become separated by distance and many years, yet you'll often feel that same connectedness to him or her after much time has passed and be able to reconnect again quite easily. How is that so? We humans exist in a state of vibrational frequency unique to each person. We have the sensory skills to feel the vibrations of others, positive and negative. Almost everyone has had the experience of being in the same room with someone who is full of depressed thoughts or angry hidden emotions. The atmosphere emits a negative energy field that can be felt by anyone entering the room.

People who emit a similar frequency are attracted to each other and a friendship can easily be formed. You cannot resonate with someone else who has a fundamentally incompatible vibrational frequency. Dr. Emoto, a Japanese researcher and author of "The Hidden Messages From Water" says that "when two people resonate and fall in love, they rise to their highest level of capability. If a person with a capability of 10 who has only been using 5 parts of that capacity falls in love with someone with a level of 12, then he or she will naturally make use of the level -10 capability and show an increase in frequency. Love has the effect of raising our frequency level and making us shine."

When we think about what makes up our bodies, we know we are formed of atoms, nothing more. The magic is what is inside of each atom. The center is a nucleus with electrons rotating about at different numbers and shapes, creating a unique and particular set of vibrational frequencies. Within each atom is 99.9999% space. Whether we are talking about a human body, any type of life, or any object in existence, this is true. We only perceive these things to be solid mass, when we are all actually sort of a vibrating, rotating wave. Not solid at all!

Organic matter that forms human beings generates a frequency that can be represented by sound at approximately 42 octaves above middle C (the note near the center of a piano keyboard) as reported by Warren Hamerman in the scientific journal 21st Century Science and Technology's March 1989 issue. The middle C frequency is approximately 262 Hz. Forty-two octaves higher has a sound frequency of 570 trillion Hz. Since Hz means vibrations per second, this means human beings vibrate 570 trillion times a second!

Humans are the only animals with the capacity to resonate with all other creatures and objects found in nature. We hold a universe within us filled with frequencies of a cosmic proportion.

So what is it about love that causes us to raise our frequency level? The great spiritual masters Jesus, Buddha, and others are said to have a very high frequency level. When we experience or know this love, we come to acknowledge our sacred universe, recognizing our oneness of everything that exists, within us and outside of us. We find our own "I Am"-ness, we are then aligned with the universal love that transcends all things, all life, and manifests itself in us and in everything.

"God is in everything. He sleeps in stones, breathes in plants, dreams in animals and awakes in mankind."

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sacred Water

I've just finished reading the book (twice!), "The Hidden Messages In Water" by Japanese scientist/researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto. Although, this has been out for several years, I've just discovered this miraculous book.

Mr. Emoto has visually documented molecular changes in water by means of his photographic techniques. By freezing water and taking a photograph of the ice crystal that forms, he has discovered many fascinating differences in the crystals of water from many different sources and conditions around the planet. Emoto's ezine newsletter can be subscribed to here:

His research has shown that water from pristine mountain streams and springs produces beautifully formed geometric designs in their crystalline patterns. Polluted and toxic water shows definitely distorted and randomly formed crystalline structures. Some waters produce no crystals at all.

Music, words and thoughts have been shown to have a direct impact on the water, also. Vibration exists in everything, even written words. When the word "LOVE" is shown to water, the water can be imprinted with these vibrations. Beautiful words have beautiful, clear vibrations. Negative words put out ugly, incoherent vibrations which do not form clusters. Heavy metal music produced no crystals at all.

What does it all mean? Emoto believes that all is based on HADO or Chi, a vital energy that comes ultimately from the circulation of electrons around the atomic nucleus. He believes that Chi changes according to the consciousness of the observer, "the way they see things".

Apparently water can respond directly to people's consciousness. Crystals reflected the panic during an earthquake and also the recovery period three months later. Tap water of Tokyo, which was formless, responded to the transmission of "Chi, Soul and Spirit" of 500 people to give a distinctive crystal. Certain gifted people have been able to make the most polluted, formless water respond to the "Chi of Love," or to prayer, to give the most remarkable symmetries of perfection.
A human begins its life as an embryo in water. A fetus is 90% water and an adult human is 70% water. We see that we all are connected by the water within us and on our earth and cosmo. We can positively influence another person by giving kindness, love, and gratitude to him or even by sending prayers or thoughts. Emoto's book will convince you beyond a doubt. It's a truly mystical treasure and will transform your thoughts about life and what it means to be alive.

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