Saturday, March 6, 2010

Who am I---Where Did "I" Go?

Several years ago, I went on a journey to find "me".  I didn't exactly know it at the time that I was attempting to do that, but that's what happened. 

I traveled to northern Maine, quite a distance from where I have been living for the past forty-five years in the deep south. I wanted to see where I had once lived,  there at Loring Air Force Base once again.

A significant part of my childhood was spent there on the air base that has long been closed down.  It had once been bustling with hundreds of families, activity all around everywhere, and jet airplanes coming and going throughout the day and night.  Seeing it now, however, was quite different.  Most of the housing areas were gone.  The school I once attended for five years was gone.  Only an empty slab of concrete remained.  Where my family's housing unit once stood, only a barren field existed. 
Had I expected to find the small "me", the child I once was, still running and playing, riding bikes with my friends, racing into the house and finding my mother and father and sister waiting for me inside?  Where were they?  Where was I? Who was this "me" that was doing the observing and experiencing of that which seemed to be an illusion? 
I was thrown into a quest to find the answers.  I began reading books of famous philosophers thinking someone would surely know the Truth that I was seeking.  No one, nobody could tell me who I was, and what Life was about.  Years of searching, reading everything I could find only led to more frustration until finally I came back full circle to the beginning. 
One day it just simply happened.  I again wondered who I was.  "I" heard "me" asking this to "myself" and it was absurd.  I just laughed out loud and that was it.  So simple, so uncomplicated, so pure is the TRUTH.
LIFE discovered it is LIFE and that's all there is.  The illusions arise out of that which is.
What you seek you already are.

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Kordo said...

Where is meditation, pleasure,
prosperity or discrimination?
Where is duality?
Where even is Unity?
I abide in the glory of Self.

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