Thursday, March 4, 2010

Losing Your World

Adyashanti says he likes to ask people, “Are you ready to lose your world?” Because true awakening will not fit into the world as you imagine it or the self you imagine yourself to be. Reality is not something that you integrate into your personal view of things. Reality is life without your distorting stories, ideas, and beliefs. It is perfect unity free of all reference points, with nowhere to stand and nothing to grab hold of. It has never been spoken, never been written, never been imagined. It is not hidden, but in plain view. Cease to cherish opinions and it stands before your very eyes.

© Adyashanti 2007


Kordo said...

The belief in duty
creates a relative world
for its performance.
The wise one knows Himself
to be formless, timeless,
all-pervasive, immaculate,
and thus transcends duty and world.

Ashtavakra Gita

Doreen said...

You (general "you") reach in to the core of sadness, in order, in this moment to Be with peace. The mind cannot go there with You.

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