Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm Asking You To Do This.....

This is it.  Here is what I am asking you to do, and that is to question the belief that you are a separate entity who has destiny and free will, that you began at some time in the past, that you were born and that you will die at some future time. What I am suggesting is that there is no time at all, and that beginning and ending are only mental concepts and that what you are is the timeless - you in essence are timeless and space less! You never had any beginning and you will never have any ending, you were never born nor will you as THAT non dual Absolute, pure awareness or consciousness ever die.

Don't stop now.  Do this:  go into it, go deeper, question it, find out the truth for yourself. See THIS for yourself and actually realize the unquestioned assumptions and limitations that you have placed upon yourself with the help of society, culture, and religious beliefs and conditioning's. Question all this and see the prison of all these concepts and beliefs vanish before your very eyes. You are not what you have taken yourself to be - a limited, enclosed, sentient, human being, but the unlimited all knowing potential itself, what we call THAT in the great word or statement of Advaita Vedanta - I am THAT!
"That which is seeking is the sought."   ~ Budddic Scripture

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Bananazക said...

Great wisdom, very true ~ timeless and space less. Will go deeper to find out more. tQ

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