Monday, September 29, 2008

The Hummingbirds

Since April of this year, I've enjoyed the company of some tiny friends in my garden, the little hummingbirds. So cheerfully chatting, flitting about from flower to flower and stopping for a drink of sugar water from my feeders, they've added such life to my backyard.

It's autumn now. For the last two days, I've not seen them. One by one, the tiny creatures quietly left on their long journeys south for the winter. How did I not know they were preparing to leave? Did they try to tell me good-bye and I missed it? The feeders are hanging in still silence and only my past visions of the little creatures remain.

Goodbye my little friends. I pray for you a safe journey...............'til we meet again.

Winged Jewel
With wings spun of silver and hearts of gold,These tiny creatures our hearts behold.With angelic features and colors so bright,Make even the heaviest heart seem light.The magical way they flit through the sky,They appear, then vanish in the blink of an eye.They're sending a message for us to retrieve,Anything's possible for those who believe!

Written by: Christopher Griffiths

Q & A about migration of hummingbirds:

Ruby-throats winter in Central America from Mexico to Panama. At the northern extreme, a few rufous hummers winter in southern and coastal California and along the Gulf coast from southeastern Texas to Florida. Most winter in Mexico.

Q. Do hummingbirds migrate by day or night?

By day, except in one situation: when ruby-throated hummingbirds light out over the Gulf of Mexico, they are over water when night falls and must keep on going until the reach the other side.

Q. When do hummers leave their wintering grounds?

They time their return to the breeding grounds according to location. Birds that live in the southern part of the US begin their return migration as early as February. Birds that live further north in the East, or in the inland mountains in the West, time their return to coincide with the flowering of their food plants or sapsucker migration.


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