Saturday, September 13, 2008


A recent visitor to my blog made a comment on my past posting about "Hidden Messages of Water". He said, "I loved Emoto's books, and never looked at water the same way since, or drank it without gratitude for such a marvelous gift that is the source and sustenance of life."

My visitor's very appreciated comment made a huge impact upon me. I, too, have been unable to look at water the same way since. Every encounter throughout my day with water is now noticed with an awareness of its aliveness and my gratitude for it. Each morning I visit my backyard fountain and say a silent hello and give it my love. Water thrives on attention, as we all do, even the plants and trees we surround ourselves with.

Now I keep on hand a bottle of water to drink that has been blessed with the words " LOVE" and "GRATITUDE" written on labels for the water to "see". I was not expecting anything different about the taste of this water, but it has surprised me tremendously! The first time I tasted my water after it had been exposed to these beautiful words, the water was deliciously sweeter than usual. I believe it is showing me its appreciation of my attention and love directed to it, just as Dr. Emoto has explained in his books.

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Irving said...

It could be that both YOU and the water were deliciously sweeter in your gratitude :)

Peace and Blessings!

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