Friday, December 4, 2009

Shifting Into a Healthy Inner State

If you are going to incorporate something you do every day as a part of your routine, it has to make absolute sense to you. That's the way it is for me. I have to understand why I should do it, it has to resonate with me as true, and it has to be simple and easy.

In that past few years, “The Law of Attraction” has become a popular field of study. Basically, the Law of Attraction says that “energetic vibrations tend to attract like vibrations”. We have learned from “The Secret” and many other sources that the key to success in all areas of life is to shift our vibration to match that which we desire. In other words, minding your inner state is the foundation for realizing your ideal possibilities.

If you want prosperity, shift into prosperity consciousness, and prosperous circumstances flow more easily to you.

If you want health, shift into a healthy inner state to promote healthy cells.

This is easy to do, so easy that you might want to dismiss it as insignificant. I can't say enough, though, about how transforming it can be for your life.

Take 5-10 minutes each morning to just close your eyes, feel the emotion of what it would actually be like to have exactly what you'd like to manifest in your life. Imagine it, believe it, and know that the universe will bring to you what you want and need. Now the key is to "feel" it as if you already have it. A radiant joy will envelope you as you know this is your gift that is on its way for you. You will attract more joy all day long, the right people will come into your life, and the universal flow of life will be guiding you in everything you do and wherever you go. Things that will seem like coincidences will occur. These are NOT coincidences! Accept and claim your gift. God, or the Universal Intelligence, is working for you when you are in this flow.

I like to spend another 5-10 minutes each night before I go to sleep and repeat the little exercise as described above. Try it for yourself and see how your life shifts into a more healthy inner state.

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