Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Resistance = Chaos and Fear

So many of us wonder how it is possible to experience wonderful, happy moments one day, and then we turn around and are plunged into chaos, fear, anxiety, and depression which seems to come out of nowhere. How did we get into such a state, we wonder?

There is an unstoppable power, a primal force, within each of us. This force is a Divine Intelligence which generates energy, power, and strength. You are a spark of this Divineness, a manifestation of Spirit in a physical body. The power and energy that allow us to break through old patterns that keep our energy from flowing is always accessible, always instantenous, and will NEVER let you down. Many scientists call this "accessing the Field". Consciousness is The Field, or God, if you would like to call it. This is where your energy flows, Life itself flows, manifesting into new visions which allow us to follow our heart's desires. We are then in sync with everything within and around us.

You may have to go through a breakdown before you get to the breakthrough. It depends upon how much pain and suffering you are willing to go through before you surrender your resistance. Have you reached your pain tolerance level yet? If not, you may be enjoying your chaos, fear, misery, etc. in a sick, perverted kind of way.

I can hear some of you denying this right now. "No! I do not enjoy my suffering! How can you say that?" All right then, what is holding you back from surrendering it? Ask yourself this: Do you really want to love yourself, love others, and do whatever it takes to live and share more of your love? Abandon your "self", the self-centeredness that is holding you back, making you a prisoner of suffering. When you abandon yourself to be a conduit, or an agent, an unlimited energy flows through you. You will be overflowing with it, as a matter of fact! Your vibrational frequency is higher, others feel it, others are attracted to it, and they want what you have, too. You will have the willingness and energy to share your enthusiasm, your love of life, with them.

This power of clarity is what forges open the pathway for evolution to occur. This deep passion brings people together, egos dissolve, and a creative free flow forms a cohesive unity where souls unite without egoic agendas, beliefs, or feelings of inadequacy.

This all happens when you surrender resistance, when you embrace the flow of the Universal Intelligent Mind.

Just for today, "Let Go and Let God". Now relax in the Now, in the ultimate space of peace and see what happens for you. What do you have to lose except your pain, misery, chaos, and fear. When you let go, it's like dropping a hot coal from your hand. It's instant relief, instant bliss.


Doreen said...

A shift in perspective is happening to Us. Your resistance to Life drops You, and You realize You have always been, Life Itself.

Anonymous said...

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