Thursday, December 24, 2009

Have Bliss NOW, Here's How........

I was out earlier today at the bookstore and leisurely browsing at the mall. It was an excuse to go out and drive around and look at the rare snowfall we're having today. I was peaceful and serene, yet so many people I encountered were unhappy and miserable. They were either complaining and yelling at unruly children, complaining about their health, complaining about the weather, etc. Much of their misery is an ingrained habit and they don't even realize they have a choice whether to be in misery or to be in a state of blissful joy.

Habits can change once we're aware of what it is we're doing to ourselves. It's your right as a human being to be blissful right now. This instant, you can choose to let go of whatever miserable thoughts are keeping you down. Simply slow down your thoughts. How do we do THAT, you ask? Easy - be like a cat watching a mouse hole, waiting for the little mouse, or your next thought, to appear. Notice as you watch for the next thought that there is a gap that appears. This gap is No-THING. Nothing. It's wonderful to be in that nothingness gap, where no problems, no troubles, no misery exists. That's what now feels like.

No one can stay like that for more than a second or two, though, I can hear you saying. And I'll bet many of you reading this are saying, "but, I have REAL problems that are important, REALLY big miseries". Besides, you would be boring to yourself if you existed in this so-called "gap". Right? But, who is this "you" that would find it so boring? It's the false "you", the you who is identified with ego. It is only the ego that invites and creates problems, misery, and something to complain about to others. Without it, the ego would disappear. Who would this "you" be if the ego disappeared? You would be blissfully happy. That's the answer. To be this blissfully happy person, you become no one special.

A lot of people don't want that, though. They would rather have their problems that give them a uniqueness to them, a story to tell, to embellish and tell to others. That's who they are and their identity is wrapped up in it. Without it they would feel like they are dying. You could say they enjoy their misery. Have you noticed that people like this love other miserable people, too? They surround theirselves with others like them to make theirselves feel as if this is a normal state to be in. They don't want to be around someone who is happy and joyful. It reminds them of who they could be if only they had the courage to let go of their false ego.

I'm sorry to say this, but churches, insitutions of all kinds, political parties, etc. are full of miserable people. The people all have their stories of woe and want to tell it to all who will listen. They all have "problems", need prayers, need attention from others who will "feed" their egos and allow them to build their stories up into bigger stories. It's good to be compassionate toward others, but when we pretend we're giving sympathy to someone, all we're doing for the poor soul is helping him to become more of a slave to the story of woe and misery.

The more we let go of ego, the more room we have for the state of bliss to take its place. There will be no room for this bliss, though, if you choose to hold on to greed, grievances, jealousy, revengeful thoughts, hurt feelings.........oh, my, the list can go on and on and on. What silly things the human mind wants to hold on to simply in order to have an egoic false self!

Let's get back to the topic of the ones who have "really, big problems". Are you sick right now, dying of a terminal disease, maybe? Or you've got a loved one who is about to pass or has recently passed on? Look for the little things to be grateful for RIGHT NOW! There you will find grace bestowed upon you. Animals, trees, and flowers don't go into a state of self-pity and regret. Humans are the only animals that like to create that and it's only the ego that is doing it. It's not the authentic YOU, the you that is divine love.

The past is gone. The future exists only in the imaginative mind. All there is and ever will be is the present moment. Be present NOW, watch the negative egoic mind patterns vanish from your thoughts. Be still and KNOW that this is who you really are. The "you" that is the authentic self is pure love, pure bliss and has no need to hold on to any mind created misery. You will not die from letting go of it. Only the false "you" will die.

Try it NOW and enjoy a blissful holiday!

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Fire Byrd said...

Thank you so much for stopping by so I could come here. Fantastic post. I'm in so much agreement with you.
Have a great Christmas

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