Monday, June 29, 2009

Many of us have searched and searched and yet our heart craves nothing more than to be Whole. A Oneness, or Wholeness, in Spirit, or God. I'm smiling right now as I write this, and I almost want to laugh out loud. If that sounds strange, it's because of the simplicity of it all, and as a matter of fact, it's so simple that we all almost miss "it". I, too, had searched and exhausted myself from the effort. That's what is so funny. And when you "get it" you will feel like laughing, too. You'll be amazed at how silly we humans all are, trying and trying to find "it" when we are the "it" and have been "it" all along.

Do you know what is separating you from being Oneness? You want to be One while retaining your separate self. You're hesitant to be lost in Oneness, one as God. Your wish must be that you, or your - self, should not exist and only God exists. The two cannot exist simultaneously. You have to be merged in God. The Spirit, or Oneness (or God, if you want to use the word God) won't tell you that the "you" that exists is in fact getting in the way. Only by merging in Him and letting your existence be gone can you truly be who you are. Think of it this way: Imagine traffic merging when it comes into a freeway. It loses its existence.

May you be born into Oneness, pure Love, pure Consciousness - the only thing there is.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Birthday wish and the wonderful birthday lunch. I enjoyed both you and Karen and had a Grand Birthday due to both of you helping me celebrate it.

Got to get back to Hopalong Cassidy movies now.

Take care.

Hugs and Love

Mistress Renata

Dave said...

Had a conversation with someone about this subject the other night. If God is simply the amalgamation of everyone's "oneness", than God itself is not a separate entity from human beings. If we accept the premise that human beings are sinful--a concept that I realize is questionable with regards to this view--than God takes on the same form. God isn't perfect, omniscient, and probably not even sentient. We still are left with a problem that we cannot solve, namely our imperfection and capacity for sin, even by trying to pursue our oneness.

Doreen said...

Diane, excuse my lengthy comment! HA!
I wrote this piece almost exactly one year ago on July 9, 2008.

People tend to judge, most critically, those that they "love." They take them for granted and use them as their scapegoats. Jesus has been used as the whipping boy for "Christians' sins." If Jesus HAD died for humanity's sins, then we have done a lousy job of honoring that and finding our True (Unconditional) Love; what we are born with. Why do Christians use Jesus as their poster boy and continue to be so cruel to one another? The only explanation is: we have All been unconscious and insane. It is easier to Love people you don't know then the ones that are closest to you. Make THAT your spiritual "practice"; begin by loving your children, your parents, your siblings unconditionally. You may not prefer to be with a parent or sibling, but that is OK; you can still Love them, unconditionally.[knowing that they have been unconscious of most of their "sinful" actions] You may "think" you Love them already, but check with your heart. When you realize there is a difference between "ego love" and True Love you are are are "reborn" or "incarnated" to your essential "self."

The symbol of Jesus' death is a pointer for all the little deaths that Life is about. We HAVE to die to our SELVES with every psychological pain or we remain unconscious. There is not alot of "practice" involved with this process. The only thing "to do" is accept your OWN suffering, to see it for what it is and in THAT the flames of Love burn you back to wholeness.

I would add that "forgive them they know not what they do" is the credo for EVERYONE.

There Are no "sins"
Only unconsciousness

And religion binds us to it with just an idea, a concept...

Spiritual experience comes through Grace.

Diane Meier said...

Thanks, Doreen, and I couldn't have said it better.

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