Saturday, June 13, 2009

Eternal Aura, Eternal Soul, Eternal Mind

What a paradox it is that the higher frequency of vibration of the mind brings with it a slowing down of activity in the brain. Experts who study this say that during meditation, brain activity is reduced by 80%. No wonder we feel so calm, peaceful, and relaxed during meditation. Yet, one is acutely and intensely alert while meditating. How can this be?

The brain and the mind are not the same. The brain acts as a receiver of mental energy and then translates the energies of the nonphysical mind into physical functions. It also translates your perception of the outside world so that you can experience life in a physical body.

The mind is like an aura surrounding your physical body and is larger than the body. It is what is called the conscious awareness, or the soul, or the higher self. This is who you really are. Spirit. Awareness. One. It is the eternal part of you that never dies. You simply evolve back to that from which you originally came - to the ultimate state of Being, to that consciousness which is behind all things.

When we go into a meditative state, or stillness, we are in an alert awareness, or super consciousness. The more we quiet and still the chattering brain noise, the more we can simply be the presence, the awareness - where no problems exist. The illusion of the outside world ceases, and we are simply aware of the drama playing out around us. The problems of the physical world simply dissolve.

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Doreen said...

There is a "meditative state" that arises spontaneously and without intention. I have meditated through knitting. The knitting is the primary act and the meditation is a by-product. I know others who "attain" this through walking in Nature, etc. But, Now, I would say that this Aware state is pretty much constant, except for sleeping(?) Prior to 2004, I haphazardly "practiced meditation" using a rudimentary mantra that I 'acquired' in 1972 when I "learned" TM. HA! I say "HA!" because I never "seriously" practiced TM but I used the mantra from time to time as a way in to a deep trance-like state. I could do it anywhere, in ANY posture, especially lying down. It was FUN!

Anyway, my point is this: I revived this "meditation" in 2004 and instead i was compelled to sleep and DREAM! I never resisted it. The need to sleep was overwhelming, in the middle of the day. I had intense, lucid dreams.

"Doreen, You are being Called in Your Heart!"

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