Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Healing with Nature - Shamanism & Reiki

This is a picture of myself with my cat, Muffy, after her near death experience. Muffy had a stroke in February of this year, and she nearly lost her life. She was unable to eat or stand up on her own, and she really couldn't do anything but curl up and lie there in her little basket. One eye was terribly dilated and she couldn't see or hear. After intensive medical treatment involving IV's, medication, tube feeding and then hand-feeding liquids through a syringe, she began to respond and show some encouraging signs. Her vital signs were stable.

Major progress didn't occur, however until I began a therapy with her which is based on the healing elements of nature. I've not had any professional Reiki training, nor any in the Shamanic healing, but I had read enough about the two to know they work. Instinctively, I "knew" in my heart that the energies of nature could heal little Muffy. I began carrying her outdoors every single day, even on cold winter days. When it was cold, I wrapped her in a blanket just allowing her head to be uncovered. We ventured into the back yard and visited with tree spirits, father sun, and mother earth. The wind blew its magical breath on us, and I often felt Muffy inhale deeply taking it all into her tiny body. She enjoyed touching the flowers and plants with her nose, feeling the intense vibrations from the energies in the plants. On rainy days, we enjoyed the sprinkles of the raindrops, sending their healing waters down to us. The scent of the wet earth was stimulating beyond a doubt to my little cat. Her whole body, mind, and soul responded by healing itself dramatically each day.

Muffy is now doing very well. She has recovered and is enjoying her life again. We still go out and journey around the yard every day, and even at night. The stars, moon and night creatures we encounter all contribute to her well-being (mine, too, I might add!). As a matter of fact, she demands going out now,several times a day, and is VERY vocal about it, too!

I just thought I'd share this personal story with you to give hope to anyone who is suffering, or who has a four-legged or winged friend who may be in need of healing. Our connection to nature has its own way of healing us.

As a result of my experience with my cat's recovery, I have decided to take a class on Reiki Shamanic healing beginning in July with a wonderful woman named Shawna. She's a healer and a Golden Eagle minister and is the owner of Cassy's in Abilene, Texas. I don't know where this will take me, but for now I'm taking it one step at a time.


Sophia said...

You are an amazing woman. This post moved me to tears and caused me to feel a strong sense of love for you.

Doreen said...

I, too, had tears. Here is a link to an interview with Dr. Ellen Langer. I think you may find it fascinating.
In OneLove,

Anonymous said...

There is more to heaven and earth than is dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio.

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