Thursday, May 13, 2010

Surrender to the "Is-ness" of this moment

Are you worried, stressed, having a bad day?  No matter what is going on in your life right now, know that it is because your mind is creating thoughts, making it into a story, such as,  "This shouldn't be happening", or "This is horrible", or "I won't stand for this!"  Nothing is happening outside of your thoughts.  No one, no thing is making you miserable that is "out there" beyond your thoughts.

That's all it is. Thoughts are just thoughts. Shine your light of awareness on the thoughts. If you take away concepts, beliefs, stories, etc., that you've attached to those thoughts, you are left with a quiet Awareness.

Be Awareness and watch the thoughts float by like clouds . As they float by, notice they have no meaning, no labels, no emotions......only thoughts.

You can let go and surrender all false ideas of who you think you are. Experience bliss right now.  The only thing keeping you from it is resistance, which appears in the form of more thoughts!  Go into the Stillness.  You won't find it in time.....tomorrow or the day after.  Awareness is always now, will always be now, and it's all there is. No need to complicate it.

"Whenever you deeply accept this moment as it is — no matter what form it takes — you are still, you are at peace."

     ~Eckhart Tolle


Lisa Wilson said...

My goodness, how I love your blog! Thanks for sharing!

Kordo said...

And always enquire: who is the one thinking? It is not really me...
Thank you for wonderful reminders!

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