Monday, February 15, 2010

Don't Think You Judge Others? Things?


Most of us would like to think that we don't judge other people, things, or circumstances.  We all do it, though.  For 13,000 years we humans have been doing exactly that.  We see everything as polarized, opposites.  Something is either good or bad, up or down, hot or cold.  We like something or we don't like it.  As a matter of fact, we judge everything that happens.  This separate way of perceiving life has been keeping us separated from knowing the One Spirit.

For the last 13,000 years we have been in separation. Before that point in time, we were living in perfect balance, a Unity, a Oneness.  According to the author, Bob Frissell, who wrote Nothing in This Book is True, But It's Exactly as Things Are, he states that:  "Sixteen thousand years ago we violated galactic law.  We were on a very high level of awareness at the time, far beyond where we are now, but by committing a certain illegal act we fell many dimensional levels until we landed in this dense aspect of the reality.  We stopped breathing in the manner we formerly utilized, causing the prana or life force energy to bypass the pineal gland, the direct result of which is separation.  We now experience ourselves as inside a body looking out at a world that is not us. "

We now know that there are no accidents, that this "fall" was necessary in order to allow for an ascent into higher consciousness.  It is happening now, not someday out there in the future.  Many will be ready for the ascent, when we will no longer be in separation, but in light bodies.  We appear to be heading for an existence that is beyond our ability to even imagine!

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Bananazക said...

Interesting post on light bodies & Oneness. The teaching of Tao also mentioned the same concept, if there is tall there is a short, same for fat or thin etc. tQ

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