Friday, February 26, 2010

Me = You....It'sTtrue

I am are me.  How can this be?  Most of us strive to be unique, different from the others, and if we aren't doing it outwardly, we at least think in our minds that we are separate from others. Until we understand that we are not separate from anyone or anything, we are living in a state of duality.  How do we begin to understand the unity of wholeness, this oneness that we truly are?

 "Abide in me as I abide in you", said Jesus.  Also, he said "The Father and I are one".  Deepak Chopra explains that these teachings of Jesus are rarely applied to ourselves.  Yet we should.  He says, "Consciousness is a shared phenomenon.  No one is isolated from it, and when Jesus speaks from the level of spirit, he is speaking for all human beings.  On the spiritual path you become less isolated as an individual and more universal as an expression of consciousness.  This change occurs because in truth everything is happening in consciousness. "

I love Chopra's example of how convincing it can be to see ourselves as standing apart from others.  He said that when he remembers his mother's face, it exists in his awareness.  It's conjured up in his mind.  When his mother was alive and he was with her in person, the same thing happened; it was conjured up in his mind. 

Here's why:  when photons of light hit the retina and are registered in the brain as an image, they create a delay.  It takes only a few milliseconds for the brain to register that image and by the time it does, that image is just a memory. The image appears after the fact, much like the light from a star.  Even in real life, each of us appears as a stream of memories in our awareness. All other senses, besides that of sight, holds true, also.  When someone touches your hand, for instance, that, too, is registered through brain activity after the fact.

Chopra tells us that at the quantum level we are all blinking in and out of existence countless times per minute.  Everything is in flux.  The brain creates the illusion of constancy, yet in truth the person or thing you believe to be in front of you is actually a ghost of what was in front of ou a few thousandths of a second ago.  In this illusion that we perceive as a continual reality, there are many gaps.  We go away as much as we stay here.  When you go away, blinking out of existence for a fleeting millisecond, you aren't anchored in physical reality.  You voyage to the quantum dimension and beyond.  Think of this:  no one knows for sure where the universe goes when it blinks off and on.  This is the glory of the creative process - it's constantly flowing and changing. 

"Jesus taught that the spiritual aspect of a person also exists in awareness", states Chopra.  A person's spirit comes from a shared source; we are all part of the Divine Source.  When Jesus said, "I am in you", he was referring to his essence.  When we are in a state of duality, or separatedness, we aren't aware of essence.  It will seem as if the soul level of our existence is far away.  "By entering another person's situation, by sharing and bonding, you begin to have the experience of literally abiding in someone else.  God-consciousness carries this transformation to its final end.  You are in everyone else, and everyone else is in you.  Instead of perceiving any human being as an individual person, you see them as essence, or pure Being.

Know that you are not a separate person with “an understanding” to gain. You are already all of it.

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