Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How Does One Become a Healer?

This blog began months ago as I was experiencing a spiritual awakening. When an awakening happens, one can either stay alert, be open, and see where it takes you, or choose to turn your back to it and pretend to be blinded by the light you've been shown. I've stayed the course, got lost at times through the mazes, twists and turns, and have enjoyed every second of it. I dropped all of my earlier beliefs I once had concerning the religion I was brought up in. A space opened up, a freedom to seek and discover my inward spirituality. I've spent hundreds, maybe thousands of hours reading and learning about the mystics, explored miraculous stories of the greatest saints, masters, and healers....and I've been in awe of it all. What stunning mysteries of life itself I've discovered. Never would I have dreamed that this was all leading me to my life's purpose.

I am now a practitioner - a Reconnective Practitioner, a healer. If you're wondering why and how, believe me I've wondered, also. So,why me? I've asked myself these questions so many times lately. My answer, the only one I have, is that I was given a gift, one that I could have refused to receive. I could have dismissed the weird, crazy things that began happening to me as just weird and crazy. New bandwidths of energy and information began entangling and connecting with my physical and emotional/spiritual body. Day after day, new frequencies arrived and made it known physically in my body. Electrical currents, subtle ones sometimes, and other times not so subtle, kept me awake at night as they pulsated and flowed through every cell of my body. Like little sparks of light, they would begin in my feet and race throughout my body, up and down like electricity in live wires. And then, SHWOOSH!! Up through my head, exploding outwards like a swarm of fireflies being released. My ears began buzzing, a sound like thousands of tiny, little bees humming. Why didn't I race off to a doctor and ask questions like "Am I crazy?" or "What do you think is happening to me, doctor?" BECAUSE.......I knew I had nothing wrong with me, and I was enjoying the sensations, visions, colors. Once I even experienced a "being" in the room with me; a kind, compassionate, loving being. I welcomed its presence. I was given the message, "Receive". That's all, just the word receive. I KNEW intuitively that these new sensations I was experiencing were coming from something or someone from an unknown dimension, or at least it had been unknown to me until then. Perhaps this something or someone was God, or a Universal Intelligence. How could I turn away from such a gift? How could I refuse to share it with others or turn my back on people who are seeking a higher connectedness with consciousness?

Dr. Eric Pearl, the author of "The Reconnection" book and an amazing teacher at conference workshops across the globe is who I turned to for guidance and instruction. I've experienced firsthand his amazing workshop seminar and have taken with me the knowingness of what I now am: a healer, a Reconnective Practitioner, to be exact. This gift was there for me all along. All I did was allow myself to be open to it, to be a vehicle, to NOT turn the other way and deny it, and to claim it.

I'll be writing more - much more - about my amazing healing experiences with this new bandwidth of healing light frequencies. Also, see Dr. Eric Pearl's website at: http://www.thereconnection.com


Anonymous said...

This sound like very powerful stuff. I have done some training in how to harness the clairvoyant experiences I have had since I was a child so will order a copy of this book. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I certainly find your life very interesting too.

Bananaz said...

Interesting may the force be with you.

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