Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Explaining Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection

I've recently become certified as a Reconnective Healer, and to make things more confusing for you, I will be attending a seminar next month to be certified in The Reconnection. What are these new modalities of healing and how are each unique? I'll explain:

What is Reconnective Healing?

Reconnective Healing facilitates rapid, permanent change that continues to work for you as appropriate for the rest of your life.

It is a new and very powerful high frequency energy, that carries light and information from “The Field”. Reconnective Healing works very deeply at a quantum, inter-dimensional level to facilitate balance and healing of body, mind, emotion and spirit. It facilitates reconnection of your current Being with your energetic template as it was perfectly designed.

In comparison to other types of energy healing, Reconnective Healing works more directly with the core electromagnetic connections of the body and being at all levels. Besides being a very high frequency vibration, it is extremely expansive.

It seems to go more directly to the core origin of issues and imbalances rather than using the “onion peeling” method of clearing layers from surface to core. Therefore, in most cases, it seems to work more rapidly and usually requires fewer sessions.

When the core origin is effected, everything connected to the issue tends to shift into realignment more quickly. This facilitates rapid results and also unfolds long term as appropriate to your life path.

It is very grounding as well as very expansive. Reconnections are made with the Earth’s electromagnetic grids as well as at extended levels of The Field. This can help us more easily apply our highest gifts and potential in the physical world.
How many Reconnective Healing® sessions will I need?

Each session and each individual are unique. Most people begin to feel at least some result with the very first session. Many people further notice a deeper and more profound change around the time of the 3rd session.

However, the circumstances of your life and what you would like to accomplish are important in determining how you can best be served. It is best to release expectation, allow things to unfold in a natural way, and make your choices one step at a time.

You do not need regular ongoing sessions to maintain reconnective healing benefits. You will continue to experience these benefits in many ways as your life path unfolds.

While Reconnective Healing works to correct imbalances underlying a particular dis-ease, issue, or life challenge, The Reconnection is a full process that makes a complete reconnection of your foundational energetic structure.

This structure is comprised of over 100 energetic points and axiatonal lines, including those that connect you, as an individual, to the energetic grids of the Earth, the universal field, and the divine blueprint of your being in its perfect state.

The Reconnection allows you to access and use the full range of tools available to reach your highest potential and possibilities. This greatly accelerates your path toward higher consciousness and fulfillment of your life purpose.

This process includes all of what some other methods do in pieces (such as DNA activation; axiatonal alignment; grid realignment, etc).

This is a 1-time only, 2-session process, that propels you onward and works for you in many ways for the rest of your life.

Is the Reconnection a 1-time alternative to having individual
Reconnective Healing sessions?

No—because these are two different sets of techniques that benefit you in different ways. The Reconnection is like the foundation and framework of your home. It provides the basic structure to which everything else becomes connected.

A strong, well-built frame and structure does not preclude the need for design, connection and occasional repair of the electrical wiring or plumbing structure within.

Reconnective Healing repairs the inner structure related to specific areas of concern. The Reconnection assures that the full outer structure is in place for your whole being to operate at its fullest capacity.

Persistent challenges can occur when repair has been completed on the inner structures but the energetic lines in the larger, outer framework still have disconnects. The energy from your inner being attempts to appropriately move you forward, but becomes short-circuited on the way to its final destination.


Sophia said...

This sounds exciting. I wish we had cool things like this in boring old Louisville, KY.

I am curious if this healing method would work on mental wounds, like depression?

Shubhajit said...

Heal others, heal yourself. I think that's the secret of everything in this life. Nice to understand this reconnective healing though I think its a simple method of own will or energy transfer to others. I think healing can not be done who is impure in thoughts.

Nice to find this blog.

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