Saturday, May 2, 2009

One Without a Second

Dr. Russ Meier is contributing to this blog today:

To say that "All is God, or God is All" is not a logical proposition which contains some mental information about the universe. This "thinking" leads to the reduction of all multiplicity to uniform and unchanging mush, or a "vast grayness". We must remember that God is beyond all words or symbols. We can only use words and symbols to point to the Truth. In other words (and the very phrase "in other words" is itself an ironic use of words), God or Spirit must be seen through the special eye of contemplation, not through the eye of reason or logic.

God is not One opposed to a second (such as evil or satan), nor One outside of a second, nor over, above, or beyond a second - but One without a second. Nothing is outside of Spirit, including the universe and each one of us. We can only say, "Not-Two".


Doreen said...

I absolutely "agree" with Your pointers.
I like something that Eckhart Tolle said (I paraphrase):
"God is a concept, you can say: 'my God and your God' but 'my infinite and your infinite' doesn't work."
I prefer to drop the word "God" altogether. Is it easier to agree on "infinity" than "God"?

Anonymous said...

La ilahe illallah: There is no sperate reality, but One reality alone exists...

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