Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finding Beauty in a Broken World

This picture is from the Spring/Summer edition of Kosmos magazine.

Terry Tempest Williams was interviewed about her book, Finding Beauty in a Broken World, and this is a segment of that interview:
"I watched prairie dogs every day rise before the sun, stand with their paws pressed together facing the rising sun in total stillness for up to 30 minutes. And then I watched them at the end of the day take that same gesture 30 minutes before the sun goes down. They would press their palms together in perfect stillness. I don't mean to anthropomorphize, but when you look at a creature that has survived over the millennium begin and end each day in that kind of stance, it causes one to think about one's own life and the speed and rapidity in which we live."


The Eclectic Cleric said...

Is this for real? Prairie Dogs at Prayer? I am at once both humbled and awed. Or perhaps I should say, humiliated and odd. Love TTW though. Anthropomorphizing aside, what DO the scientists have to say about this? And how can it NOT be an example to us all, regardless of our species?

Diane Meier said...

Thank you for the comment. I, too, am awed and humbled. Here in my city, we have an enclosed prairie dog city in one of our city parks. I've often visited it and have watched these amazing little animals, but this is the first time I've seen a picture and description of them being in a splendid stillness, at one with Oneness.

Sophia said...

When we take our beagle out hiking, he likes to stop and sniff at many things, which I tease about, calling it "stopping and smelling the roses". Here we humans are eager to continue about on our hiking trip, when this animal is pointing out very clearly that we should not always be in such a hurry!

I've always loved lessons taught by animals, starting my learning of course at a young age with fables and the like... and now the real deal, little beagles and prairie dogs. :)

Doreen said...


Anonymous said...

Fascinating photo. It does give food for thought and one has to wonder exactly what is going through the head of such animal at this time?

Jokingly I would ask: I wonder what the prairie dog words are for "now I lay me down to sleep?" hehehe

Or could he be praying: "Pass the nuts." hehehe

Seriously again: I wonder if this was just a passing moment that was caught on film? So often a good camera person can capture some interesting photos if they are prepared. I've seen them of cats "praying" also.

Hugs and Love

Mistress Renata

Mysticle said...

That is a beautiful story. Something I did not realize about the little prairie dogs. Thank you for sharing.

Doreen said...

Terry Tempest Williams states that she observed this occuring "every day". I prefer to leave out the 'praying'(just a 'thought'), as she states that she does not "mean to anthropomorphize". She had observed that this prairie dog stance is one of stillness. It is "what is", stillness.

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