Friday, April 17, 2009

Only Spirit

This is a post by Dr. Russ Meier:

I am using my 65th birthday as a moment to share a realization with you. Words can only be used as pointers, but here are my words.

I have come to realize who I am at the deepest level. Let me first relate what I am not. I am not my thoughts, for I am aware of them. I am not my emotions, for I can
feel and sense my emotions. I am not my body, for I can see and feel my body. I am not my desires, for I am aware that desires come and go. I am not even a separate self, for I am aware that my self only exists behind a boundary line which I draw across the whole field of my experience. What would happen if I removed that boundary line?

What finally remains is a pure center of awareness, an unmoved WITNESS. What is it within me that is conscious of everything? What is that WITNESS? I...AM...THAT. I am the pure Spirit that witnesses everything that arises, moment to moment.

And then the strangest thing happens. As I rest in that empty,free,effortless witnessing, I notice a sense of freedom and a sense of release from identifying with any objects, including my body, my mind, or my separate self(the ego). So I abide as awareness.

Eventually, I notice that this feeling of freedom has no inside and no outside, no center and no surround. The whole universe is arising in this freedom, and I...AM...THIS. This is the final truth.

So write on the tombstone of my self that never even existed:



--------written by Dr. Russ Meier


Doreen said...

Thank You, for this.

Susie Mitchell said...

Thank you Diane for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment. I am blessed to have a lifetime of sweet memories. I am a Christian, saved by the grace of God, through the shed blood of Jesus. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt...when this body dies, I'll be with Jesus for eternity. I hope you and your husband can find that truth before your time here ends.
Blessings, Susie

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