Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Light is Dazzling!

Christianity is one of many religions that casts a light that is purely dazzling! However, a 'shadow' has been following this brilliant jewel of a light for centuries now. I'll let the comments from another blog explain what I mean.

From the website of "Eternal Awareness": http://eternalawareness.ning.com/

Mark Walter:
Religions tend to have a ‘shadow’ which is the opposite of their strongest principles, or qualities. For Christianity, this seems to be intolerance – there is no other religion that has such resistance to embracing the beliefs of others (including, and perhaps especially, other Christian denominations), and such a need to ‘convert’ others. Islam, the religion of submission, seems to manifest its shadow in an inability to accept; Taoism, the religion of the formless, in an obsession with rituals and customs. And so forth.

Michael Larkin:
I so very much agree with this. It's one of the shadows of Christianity that somehow Jesus shouldered the responsibility for all our sins - just an extension of the old scapegoat idea. The doctrine of the redemption has long seemed to me to be total poppycock, and when you can get past it, the light it casts is dazzling. Christ didn't die so that we can live, but lived so that we can live. Study and imitate his life, don't be preoccupied with his death.

Mark Walter, creator of the "Eternal Awareness" web blog commented:
One day someone asked if I knew Jesus had died for my sins. "Yes, I do," I replied. "I think it is so awful that no one would take responsibility for their own sins... that everyone let him take all the blame. So, I have decided to take responsibility for my own sins, and am prepared to die for them at any time."

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