Monday, October 5, 2009

The Tao - Everything and Nothing

Students of modern metaphysics are familiar with the concept
of a beingness which is behind all things. It has been referred
to as the Absolute, the Isness, the 'I Am' Presence, and 'the
All That Is which is behind all things.' My own choice of words
is Infinite Being. All of these terms refer to the same
perfect, unchanging beingness which is behind everything.

The universe exists within the field of silent consciousness
of Infinite Being, so its essence is within everything in the
world. That silent Isness is the ground state of consciousness
behind all life. Because of its silent, unmoving nature it
could be referred to as being 'nothing and nowhere,' at least
to our physical sense of awareness.

The Creator and its creation exist within Infinite Being.
Therefore, Infinite Being is within all things. The unchanging
is within everything in the changing world. Yet, our physical
senses will never detect this underlying, unchanging oneness.
It is only through developing an inner connection that we will
discover that which is behind all things.

The Tao is manifest as everything and yet the Tao, in the
world of material senses, appears to be nothing and nowhere.
So, the message of the Tao Te Ching is to develop an inner
connection with that which is real and then the manifest world
- this world which is unreal in comparison - begins to make
---------by Owen Waters (Infinite Being website)

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