Monday, September 7, 2009

Connecting with Father Sky

(Prairie Dog Rapture by Anthony Falbo)

Father Sky: From the earliest of times people honored and were in awe of all that they saw in the sky. The sun, moon, earth and stars, the thunder, lightening, rains, and winds were always power- full, mysterious, and represented deity and the unknown. Today, we can apply traditional ancient wisdom with current knowledge in these modern times. Understanding that all things are dependent on each other helps maintain the balance that exists in all nature. The ability to survive today still depends on establishing right relations with the animal, plant, mineral and human kingdoms. Respecting all things helps us live peacefully with all of our relations. Our ancestors knew that they were connected to the earth, fire, water and air. Father Sky was above them as elements: weather, air, thunder, storms, wind, clouds, rain, light, cold, warmth of the sun, and the shinning stars. Below them was Mother Earth and all that lived upon her. The partnership of both was needed to reproduce. Earth is the realm of Our Mother and Heaven is the realm of Our Father. All creation depends on this balanced relationship. We refer to the sky and earth as Father Sky and Mother Earth in respect of this cooperative, connected partnership.

There is a sacred flow that exists in all things. It is part of us and we are all part of it. When we still our minds, and touch the sky and earth and express gratitude for all that exists, we can then flow with the energy that is the Sacred Universe.


Anonymous said...

I love that painting! Wish I could see the name of the artist as I'd love to track down a print :)

This connection to the sky is why I love sun salutations. I set up my practice by imagining my feet rooted into the earth and the crown of my head reaching for the sky.

Then, my practice is within the realm of earth and sky. Which makes me feel connected. :)

Robin Edgar said...

If Canadian professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Dr. Anthony Perks is to be believed, Father Sky and Mother Earth connected at Stonehenge. . . I happen to think that chances are pretty good that Dr. Perks is largely correct in his insightful hypothesis.

Doreen said...

Here is a link to Falbo's shop on Etsy:

Just tell him that I sent you! Ha!

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