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The Energy Healing Experiments

This impressive book is one I really want to share with everyone. I've been delving into the world of energy healing, such as Reiki and Shamanic Touch. I know that energy healing works, but I just couldn't understand HOW it works. This amazing book explains it thoroughly. Anyone who is skeptical will be reassured by the scientific experiments that are presented here. I am the type of person who always wants to know why and how things work and I like to be shown proof. This book does that.

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"Over the past three decades, an impressive body of scientific evidence has quietly emerged that points to stunning new insights into consciousness and itscapacity to mediate healing. Dr. Gary Schwartz's The Energy HealingExperiments is a stellar introduction to this dazzling evidence, which will transform the very meaning of 'healing.' " ­Larry Dossey, MD, author of The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

"For more than 30 years, I have known and learned from the truly creative genius of Dr. Gary Schwartz. In The Energy Healing Experiments his courageous odyssey continues with scientific rigor, penetrating insights, his characteristic twinkling humor, and true wisdom. "­Kenneth R. Pelletier, PhD, MD(hc), author of New Medicine and internationalbestseller Mind As Healer, Mind As Slayer

"In The Energy Healing Experiments, scientist Gary Schwartz reveals his thrilling journey to the threshold of 21st-century medicine. There we encounter the promise of new classes of therapies based on the modulation of energy and intention. While we don't know yet exactly how these new therapies work, the fact that they work is being firmly established by Schwartz and others, as reported in this riveting first-person account. "­Dean Radin, PhD, author of Entangled Minds and The Conscious Universe

"This is a lovely book. I congratulate Gary Schwartz, with William Simon, on a very readable and lucid book on the important and complex topic of energy/information healing as distinguished from chemical/nutritional healing. It is highly recommended for all readers because it will significantly transform the public mind-set in very beneficial ways."
­William A. Tiller, PhD, author of Science and Human Transformation

"Through the able hand of a master scientist, this book is a reliable guide to the complex and sometimes perplexing engagement of mind, body, and spirit."

­Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, PhD, Vice President for Research and Education, Institute of Noetic Sciences

Customer Reviews

By Nicole Wilde
While some other reviewers found this information dry, I found it fascinating. I'm not a scientist by a long shot, but when I read about scientific experiments I want to know the details, particularly because there are so many factors involved. Especially when it comes to this type of subject matter -- and I say this as an energy healer -- I want to know that the placebo effect or other factors are not contributing to the results. I began reading this book as research for one of my own books, and ended up finishing it before I knew it. Okay, it's not for those looking for scintillating prose that reads like a novel, but the information speaks for itself and Gary Schwartz has done an excellent job of presenting it a way that the non-scientists among us can understand.
- Nicole Wilde, author Energy Healing for Dogs: Using Hands-On Healing to Improve Canine Health and Behavior

By Jed Shlackman (Miami, FL United States)

This review is from: The Energy Healing Experiments: Science Reveals Our Natural Power to Heal (Hardcover)
I first came across Schwartz' work almost a decade ago in the Living Energy Universe. His subsequent books have been more focused, and the Energy Healing Experiments looks at the research and evidence validating the power of consciousness and intention to guide healing energies. This book provides solid evidence and explores important questions raised by both believers and skeptics. As an energy healer I know what I observe and experience with myself and clients, so I don't need convincing... but for those who lack the expanded sensory awareness to feel and perceive energy healing it's useful to have empirical findings and methodically designed experiments that confirm something is happening that can't be explained in a materialistic manner. Gary Schwartz has done well in collecting this evidence and presenting it within a thoughtful analysis and discussion of its implications. This book is practical and more scientifically-oriented than spiritually oriented even though it does bring up the spiritual and philosophical implications of energy healing. I recommend this for healers who want to have a collection of research that supports their work, as well as the general public and skeptics who wish to carefully consider the evidence regarding this phenomenon.

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Michelle said...

That book looks fascinating. We have some that I study with that work with Reiki...but it remains a mystery to me.

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