Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shamanic Reiki and chakras

This past year has been an amazing journey for me spiritually. Some wonderful people I've known have passed from their physical bodies into the spirit world. Books, classes, meeting new people, my cat's near-death experience and healing.....all have been a part of this human adventure.

Recently, I've taken a healing workshop and am now certified at Level I in the Shamanic Touch/ Tera-Mai Seichem Reiki. I'll explain a little about what it is. It is a complete universal life energy, incorporating all the basic elements of life—air, water, spirit, earth and fire. Unlike traditional reiki's passive healing, this focuses on the patient's mental, physical, emotional as well as spiritual well-being. Tera-Mai Seichem reiki is a form of comprehensive and intense channeled healing energy that treats human beings in entirety. It originated in the USA when traditional reiki masters Kathleen Milner and Marcy Miller were guided by a 'highly evolved being' during meditation to increase the vibration of the reiki ray. They were given additional energy symbols, told to modify the existing attunement procedure and subtly shift focus during the attunement. The resulting modified energy along with the new attunement is Tera-Mai reiki.

You may be completely confused by now, but let me introduce you to your chakras.

An important aspect of healing involves balancing one's chakras. To enjoy a healthy mind, body, and spirit, our chakras must be balanced. If one chakra is blocked, it affects the other chakras in your body.

"Chakra" is the sanskrit word meaning "wheel". Chakras are like wheels of light that vibrate and spin at different color frequencies and are located all throughout our body. We have seven major chakras and numerous minor chakras. The major chakras are the focal point for most chakra meditations. There is much more to us than just our physical body; we have subtle and energetic bodies as well. The chakras act as the organs of these bodies. We are all comprised of energy and when universal energy can flow unimpeded throughout all of our bodies, then we can experience balance and harmony. The chakras connect our physical selves to our energetic, etheric, and eternal selves. Each of the seven main chakras correlate to different aspects of our self. They are:

Red: known as the root chakra; governs the skeleton, lymph, and elimination systems; relates to issues concerning safety, security, trust, survival, money, home, and job

Orange: sometimes called the sacral chakra; governs the reproductive system and assimilation; relates to issues concerning feelings, sensations, food, sex, appetite, and sexuality

Yellow: known as the solar plexus; governs the muscles and digestive system; relates to issues concerning freedom, power, control, self-direction, and intellect

Green: known as the heart chakra; governs the respiratory, circulatory, and immune systems; relates to issues concerning relating to others, giving, perceptions of love and acceptance

Blue (Turquoise): known as the throat chakra; governs growth and metabolism; relates to issues concerning expression, receiving, abundance, flowing manifestation, and listening to intuition

Indigo: known as the third eye; governs the endocrine system; relates to issues concerning spiritual awareness, individualized consciousness, intuition and clairvoyance

Violet: known as the crown chakra; governs the nervous system; relates to issues concerning connection with the Divine, universal consciousness, Source-level direction and guidance

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