Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Being Separated from Awareness

Consciousness, or Being, or God, if you will, is in all living things. When we try to "find God" by using our minds as a tool , it is useless and frustrating. We end up in a state of suffering; for some it can be merely a mild discomfort, and for others it can be extreme, depending on how deeply the person is trying to "think" his way to be closer to Being.

I'll put it simply: the key is not resisting.

When we turn loose of the resisting by simply going into the quiet stillness, a centered place residing inside all of us, we can let all thoughts cease, all emotions, and just Be. We enter the precious Stillness. There we experience Being, or God. The ego part of who we are ceases to exist and the oneness of the real "you", the Consciousness, resides and is always there.



Rev. Ricky said...

i disagree that it is useless to try to find God with our minds. The Hindu tradition teaches that there are four paths to God, one is the path of intellectual inquiry called Jnana. The others are worship/Bahkti, action/Karma (like charity or social justice work) and meditation/Raja. All paths are effective in bringing the person to realize their essential identity with the universal divinity. No path is better than another. Which path you walk depends only on your own personality and proclivities.

shaktinah said...

But in the Hindu tradition, those four paths eventually lead to one. Cultivating jnana (wisdom) will lead to compassion. Cultivating karma (action) will lead to wisdom, etc.

Hinduism recognizes that different people have different temperaments and thus will be better suited to different kinds of practices. But ultimately, ALL aspects - jnana/wisdom, bhakti/devotion, karma/action - are needed. Someone who is inclined to thinking would benefit more from the jnana path, but ultimately one cannot think one's way to moksha. Heart and action must also ensue.

UUs have a tendency to err on the side of thinking and action (social justice). It would do us some good to explore devotion.

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